Death doesn’t stop love.

Unlike most people, I am not the type to pretend that I was close to someone, when clearly I wasn’t. However I believe that from the moment that you knew someone, personally or not, you should feel touched if anything had happened to them.

I consider that I am allowed to write this article and to talk about this wonderful lady because I was once close to her.

More then a simple teacher, she was wonderful to all of us, always giving us advices, warning us on what to do and not to do, especially us borders. or should I say, ex borders.

Even when I had no strength for another IB day, knowing that I’d get to go to Art class made me feel a whole lot better.

She always had the right thing to say at the right time. She used to say, OMG I’m already talking about her in past tense. I shouldn’t.

She says that although she gave birth to one child, we are all her kids. All the kids that she thought, all through her carrier. And I couldn’t agree more.

– Jessica, Miss Coker nous a quitté!

– “Quitté” ?comment ca ? Elle est partie ou? Elle a quitté BSL ?

Part of me understood what she meant when she texted me to inform me of what happened on what could be nothing but my saddest Sunday from now on. I didn’t want to believe it, I still don’t.

After I left for uni and that I promised I would stay in touch, I didn’t. I didn’t stick to my promise and that hurts. I asked about her to everyone that I still had a chance to talk too, but with all this technology, I never texted her or even e-mailed her and I feel stupidly guilty about that.

She was an Art teacher, a great one! She was a mother, and she was a great one too.

I still remember her talking about how proud she was of her daughter.

She was a loving person, filled with joy. One of the most patient and encouraging person.

This article is in loving memory of Miss Coker.

Thank you for being a loving and caring person to me and everyone that was around you. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most during those IB years.

Thank you for being you.

You shall be missed.


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