Long time no see

I’m currently in West Africa and the groove of the air is moving me. Pushing me to my best.

I feel so inspired, I’m not sure wether it’s the food, the sun or just the warm energy of the population.

Im doing an internship in a renowned airline company. I wont mention any names but I feel very lucky and blessed to be here.

I am working on a several amount of projects and I hope that they will flourish and take me to places I can’t imagine. Big things are coming up for me and I pray that this spirit affects your life positively as well.

I met a few of my old friends here and it’s always a pleasure to see familiar faces after so long.

As for the work environment I find myself in, it is very positive, I meet important people because important people travel a lot. It makes me want to achieve big things. I like expensive and nice things, I won’t deny it. And I’m not ashamed of it. But I am also very motivated to work for it.

The pleasure of spending well-earned money.

The ladies and men I work with are all very positive and they know their jobs. It is so inspiring to see africans evolving in such grace and positivity. Most of these ladies are married to important people as well and thanks to their job opportunities, they have the chance of travelling the world.

Open minded, bright, smart and beautiful they all are.

Still in this same groove a fixed a long time relationship with a friend. We used to be very close. In fact he dated almost all my friends or flirted with them. Im not judging you love HAHA. I know you’re going to read this article. But allow me to say that I’m glad that you’re back in my life. For real. Plus de conversation “en haut, en haut” comme j’aime dire.

Someone told me that in Africa you don’t say that things are “good” because people are going to wish you bad things but I feel like I’m in the right place for once, since a long time.

I feel like I’m following the right path.

I pray that you find your own too.


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