Serious Temptation !

I am sooooooooooooooo sorry I was absent for so long.

Let’s jump right in …

There is serious temptation out there! Let’s face it. Have you seen women out there ? All sizes, all colours, all shapes, natural, barbie, simple, sophisticated ! You actually have the CHOICE.

Yes as a women, very used to hanging out with men, I look at others bum bum !

Both men and women Hahah ! It is very entertaining, and there’s just some you cannot miss even if you tried, lol

Whats a bum bum ? It’s just the word I rather use instead of using “ass”, which I find quite vulgar.

But that’s the meaning. I’ve been around guys my whole life although I don’t have any brothers, sadly but I sure pray to have many boys.

I am very concerned about how some of them see us. Us women need to understand that our physical appearance, what we wear and what we say has a crucial impact on anyone’s first impression on us. Both women and men.

Let me try to help you understand me. You can’t meet a guy in church dressed like a nun, wearing a little make up and also meet another guy at a club dressed or should I say “undressed” haha, wearing a tone of make up and expect these two men to treat you the same. They are both different of course, this is what you’ll say but they have something in common : they are MEN.

Even if you are a good person, with a good job and from a good family. You may be THE sweetest person ever and be from a good home but that’s not something you can read in someone’s eyes or smell in the parfume they wear is it ?

Why do you dress differently according on wether you have a job interview or if you are going clubbing ? It works the same way when you meet a guy.

He is the job interviewer and he is hoping to meet someone decent and well suited for the job. Someone he can present to his family and friends without being ashamed or scared.

Yes I am young, but maturity doesn’t have anything to do with age. You are 25,  pretty and you come from a good family, you have a good job and you pay your bills on time. So far so good because there is soon going to be a “but”.

BUT none of your relationships with a man ever last. You hate them all in the end, this one is too short, this one didn’t have enough ambition anyways, this one you suspected of cheating, although you had no proof, this one is married (haha okay this is a very very good reason to end it. Another topic for another day).

You need to understand that the circumstances in which you meet a guy will forever have an impact in the type of relationship you will have. I really don’t care if you agree or not, this is my blog and this is my opinion. HAHA.

Maybe you were just always the problem after all or maybe you are just scared of loving and being hurt like he hurt you. (You know who I’m talking about if this is the case, because his name just popped in your head). Don’t go into a relationship in this case. You need to love yourself before allowing anyone in and appreciating anyone else’s love.

In the end you realise time is catching up, so you settle for less because you have pear and family pressure to get married.

Friend, are you really in a hurry to get married for the ceremony ? abi it’s for the food and the champaign ? You are rushing yourself into this relationship and this weeding because you are soon going to be too old ? haha WAIT, all I have to say to you is that “till death do us apart” is a hell long of time.

Stay blessed


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